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Family Photos in Las Vegas – Ramirez Family

Roughly 3 years ago I did a shoot with the Ramirez family. They had just had their first child and had called me to take their family photos in Las Vegas. I loved doing them, as there is nothing better than capturing a couple that is starting their family. Fast forward to November 29, 2017. Once again I was photographing this great family, only now that baby isn’t a baby anymore! She’s an adorable toddler with lots of personality and cute curly hair.

The Location

For the shoot, we decided on The Smith Center located at 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is a beautiful place located near downtown. There is art on display as well as the great shows that take place there on a regular basis. The area is so extremely colorful and beautiful that it’s hard to choose where to even begin taking photos. The large open area is so green and lush with lots of palm trees and beautiful architecture. The long sidewalks and neutral tones make an amazing backdrop for family photos in Las Vegas.

The Shoot: Family Photos in Las Vegas

The Ramirez family is so extremely cute together. They were all dressed casually, as though I were taking photos of them out for a walk or family picnic. We had lots of fun letting their daughter show her personality and that bright, sunny smile of hers. She has grown to be such a sweet and smart little girl. We did a few silly photos as well as some more traditional family photos. It’s always important to me that we also get a few pictures of just the couple since their love is what created the family in the first place. I have to say my favorite photo is where their daughter is covering her eyes while her parents sneak a kiss behind her. It almost looks like she was thinking about peeking through those little fingers of hers.

Family photos in Las Vegas are always so enjoyable. The families here are always so great to work with. Watching families grow and documenting their years together makes this work so very rewarding. I look forward to working with the Ramirez family in the future and am so grateful that they allowed me to take their family photos once again. I wish them nothing but the best.

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Company Event in Las Vegas: Connected Structural Group

I was contacted by Connected Structural Group to do their photography for their company event in Las Vegas. They were having an event to celebrate the holiday season. Connected Structural Group is a Las Vegas company that provides structural steel detailing, structural engineering and building information technology. They have won multiple design awards and are a trusted company when it comes to large building designs and is at the forefront of the design industry using Building Information Modeling. Their company event was held on December 16, 2017, at the MGM Grand Topgolf.

The Location

MGM Grand Topgolf is located at 4627 Koval Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. Topgolf is a climate controlled, state of the art venue. It features interactive golf games and balls that score themselves. There are water features, cabanas, and lots of great food to enjoy. There are five unique bars and a concert area that can hold 900 people. It’s more than just a place to practice your golf swing. There is so much to do and it’s perfect for all ages and events. You don’t need to be an experienced golfer to have fun at Topgolf.

The Shoot: Company Event in Las Vegas

Christmas party events are always such a joy to photograph. Seeing all the families come together and have fun makes taking photos a breeze. Everyone was busy chatting, playing golf, eating lots of great food and enjoying themselves in general. Santa Claus even stopped by for a while to take some pictures with the families and talk to all the children. He didn’t get to stay too long because he had to get back to the North Pole to get his reindeer and sleigh ready for his late night ride on Christmas Eve. Kids of all ages loved having their photo taken with old Saint Nick.

If you are having a company event in Las Vegas, consider hiring a local photographer to capture the memories of your employees. The photos I take will be a reminder to all how much fun everyone had for years to come. I am not only very professional but affordable as well. Thank you so much to Connected Structural Group for contacting me to be their company event photographer in Las Vegas. It was a blast getting to know everyone! I enjoyed being able to join you all over at Topgolf at the MGM Grand.

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70th Birthday Photo Session at The Palazzo Las Vegas

Wilma reached out to me because they were going to be celebrating her mother’s 70th Birthday and was looking to book a birthday photo session for her. With friends and family coming from all over the country to come celebrate with them, it was ideal to have great photos to document this momentous occasion. Especially since she hadn’t seen some of them in 15 years! It sounded like a great event and something I really wanted to help them remember. You just never know when something like this will be able to happen again for them. Nothing beats a big family gathering for a milestone birthday such as this one!

The Location

The birthday party was held at The Palazzo, located at 3325 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. The Palazzo is a beautiful Hotel and Casino located on the Strip which is currently the tallest finished building in Nevada. There are lots of beautiful locations around the property that are ideal for photos for any occasion. Everything from the neutral colors to the interesting details really makes this a stand out location in which to do some really great photo sessions. We had great weather that day that allowed everyone to be comfortable in their formal wear and provided me with excellent lighting to capture everyone in the best way.

The Shoot: 70th Birthday Photo Session

Wilma’s mother was stunning in a full length off the shoulder deep blue green gown accented with sequins. She definitely didn’t look like your average 70 year old. Her daughters were in dresses that were a matching shade. Taking pictures of her with her siblings, daughters and husband was not only fun but incredibly moving. To see all these people coming together for her in such a way showed how much love this family obviously had for her. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. What better way to celebrate than with a 70th birthday photo session in Las Vegas?

The laughter and smiles continued, and possibly even a few happy tears. When a family hasn’t been reunited like this in 15 years, it’s hard to not get a bit emotional. Reunions are so very special and should be remembered, which was why I was so truly happy to be a part of their day. Who knows if something like this will be able to happen for this family again? I certainly hope they don’t let another 15 years go by before they come together again. They all seemed genuinely happy to be together and it would be a shame to not do so more often. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your 70th birthday photo session.

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Las Vegas Couples Photo Session: Ashley & Ryan Hogan

Not many couples choose to have their engagement photos done after they are already married, but that is exactly what Ashley and Ryan chose to do. We met on November 5, 2017, in order to do their Las Vegas Couples Photo Session. They brought along their adorable little dog Eddy to join in on the fun. While it may seem as though they were doing things a bit backward, in reality, it seemed to be the perfect order for this couple. Why not begin to document their lives together after they have married one another? While engagement and wedding photos are wonderful, sometimes a couple just needs to celebrate being together.

The Location

The couple decided that the Doctor Harry B. Johnson Rose Garden located at 5330 Somerset Hills Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141 would be a great location. They were right, as the entire area is so incredibly beautiful. Everywhere you look there is another section that would be great for a photo. There are archways, paths, gazebos and so much more at this garden. Roses of every color, shape and size adorn the pathways giving a beautiful backdrop.

About the Shoot: Las Vegas Couples Photo Session

I think there is something incredibly fun about bringing your family pet to your couples photo session. Dogs seem to always lighten the mood and do something so incredibly funny during a shoot. They are often, unexpectedly, the center of attention. Ashley and Ryan’s pooch, Eddy, was undeniably cute with his little snub nose and pointy ears. He is definitely well loved by the couple and it’s easy to see why.

Ashley and Ryan are the sweetest and make a really great couple. I really enjoy these types of laid back and relaxed photo shoots. They really allow the personality and dynamic of a couple to shine through. Their love is obviously stronger than ever, and I am so very happy for them. These two seem to be a couple that can weather the storm and go through just about anything, as long as they have each other. Wishing you both a very bright and happy future Ashley, Ryan and Eddy!

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Christmas Photography in Las Vegas: Western Office

Christmas Photography in Las Vegas can be extremely fun. Everyone enjoys a Christmas party. Between great food, family and friends, it’s always a great time for all. That’s why I was happy to be contacted by Western Office to do a shoot of their Christmas party. They were inviting all of their clients and their families to say thank you and to celebrate the holiday season. December 2, 2017, everyone gathered at Western Office located at 5565 South Decatur Blvd Suite 108 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

The Location

The people over at Western Office did a fantastic job of decorating their office space for the party. While these offices are so very stylish, the pretty decorations really complimented everything.  There were beautiful decorations all over as well as a place to get your photo taken with the guest of honor, Santa Claus! The entire place was transformed into a festive holiday wonderland. Christmas Photos in Las Vegas are such a great way to commemorate a fun party during the holiday season. Who doesn’t want their picture taken with jolly old Saint Nick?

The Shoot – Christmas Photography in Las Vegas: Western Office

There were so many beautiful cookies and treats as well as delicious food, in general. Everything made it feel as though we had been transported to an office space at the North Pole. There were so many friendly people with their spouses, children, and even a few family pets. How wonderful those families were able to bring their family dogs to join in with the family photos with Santa. All of the family and friends that came to the Western Office Christmas party had such a great time. There were smiles all around while they enjoyed the wonderful food, desserts and each others company.

I was so glad to participate with my Christmas Photography in Las Vegas. Thank you so much to Western Office for asking me to take photos at their Christmas party. I had so much fun getting to know everyone and celebrating the holiday season with every single person.

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Boulder City Wedding Photography: Jackie & Jesse

Weddings are such unique and beautiful things. The personality of the couple can really shine through in their choices of decorations, flowers, and location. The dusty roses, delicate greenery, and touches of burlap showed Jackie & Jesse as a very down to earth and loving and cute couple. I was looking forward to shoot this Boulder City Wedding Photography.

The Location

We did our shoot at two locations. The first was when Jackie was getting ready at the Best Western Hoover Dam Hotel, located at 704 Nevada Highway in Boulder City, Nevada. After that, the wedding was held at the FORGE Social House, located at 553 California Avenue in Boulder City, also. This seemed like the perfect location for the bride and groom to hold their ceremony. They had such simple yet elegant decorations that did not take away from the beautiful ceremony. Instead, they enhanced the love and dedication of the couple. The natural scenery outside created the perfect backdrop for the couple and family photos. It was very enjoyable doing Wedding Photography in Boulder City.

The Shoot: Boulder City Wedding Photography

Weddings can be very emotional, and this one was no exception. I am not sure there was a dry eye in the place. Jackie and Jesse each have two children, a son and daughter, from previous relationships. The ceremony wasn’t just about bringing two people together, but two families. These two were creating something big and special with their love and commitment. It was so very touching to witness.

Blending a family together isn’t always so easy, yet Jackie & Jesse seem to have done a wonderful job. It was so fun being able to photograph both the parents and the children during this special day. They were so very handsome/pretty in their formal wear.

Boulder City Wedding Photography is a little more laid back and relaxed than that of Las Vegas. It’s a calmer, and mellower atmosphere than the glitz and glamour of the glitter in the Las Vegas valley. It was so great to be able to shoot a beautiful wedding for such a cute and wonderful couple. You have something very special with each other. I wish you all the best in your bright and happy future together.

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Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer | Gerardo & Veronica Wedding

Weddings are such a time for celebration. Two people coming together in order to pledge their love to one another. There is always something so beautiful about a wedding, no matter how big or mall it is. I was approached by Wedding Officiant Dawn Angela Mickens from Timeless Connection about being Gerardo and Veronica’s Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer. They set the date for October 14, 2017. While many places across the country might find that October is a bit cool for an outdoor wedding, Las Vegas’ climate provides the perfect temperature for this sort of thing.

The Location

The wedding took place at the Garden Gazebo at the Flamingo Las Vegas’ Garden Chapel. There are many beautiful locations there but the Garden Gazebo is idyllic. Surrounded by palm trees, it felt as though the wedding was somewhere far from the Las Vegas Strip in a tropical location. It most definitely didn’t seem as though we were in the heart of a bustling city. The flowers framing the gazebo gave a beautiful backdrop for the couple.

About the Shoot: Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer

The wedding itself was incredibly romantic. Family and friends were gathered in this secluded corner of the garden to share in this beautiful occasion. Gerardo and Veronica were both positively beaming with their love for one another. It’s hard not to feel the love and joy that was in the air. The bride was beautiful in her slim fitting wedding gown. It was incredibly fun to photograph Veronica getting ready with her bridesmaids. They were all smiles and excitement. The chosen flowers were lovely red roses, which helped add to the romantic atmosphere.

Annvi Fuller from Bridal Beauty Team did a wonderful job on the bride’s makeup. While the bride is so very beautiful on her own, Annvi was able to accentuate her natural beauty in a way that seemed timeless. I am so very thankful that Dawn contacted me to do this photo shoot. I wouldn’t want to miss being able to be the Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer for Gerardo and Veronica’s beautiful ceremony. It was an absolute pleasure.

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Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer: Jamie & Darrin’s Wedding

Some couples have their own unique style and flair when it comes to getting married. Many choose to go the traditional route and get married at a chapel, church or beautiful outdoor location. Jamie and Darrin decided to celebrate the fact that they met in Las Vegas by getting married in the popular Hangover Suite in Caesars Palace! Not many couples choose to get married in a suite, but I think this was the perfect idea for these two. Jamie and Darrin are both a wild and crazy couple that obviously love to have fun and enjoy life. I have to admit, as a Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer, I never thought I would photograph a bride and groom with a stuffed tiger.

The Location

The Hangover Suite at Caesars Palace located at 3570 South Las Vega Blvd, Las Vegas Nevada 89109 was a very unique choice for a wedding. The suite was made famous by the blockbuster“Hangover” movie. It featured a tiger hanging out in the suite when the guys awoke the next morning. They were unaware of what happened the night before. The suite has a magnificent view of the Las Vegas Strip and is very large and luxurious.

About the Shoot: Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer

Jamie and Darrin originally met in Las Vegas. They were really excited to be able to have their very special wedding at the same place. Darrin has two great kids from a previous relationship, but Jamie seems as though she fits right into her premade family quite well. It’s easy to see from the photos that this couple wasn’t too worried about being traditional with this wedding. They were all about having fun and enjoying their very special day together.

Having everything located right in the suite made photos a breeze. In addition, the entire ceremony was a delight to be able to photograph. I don’t think many wedding photographers can claim they have shot a wedding in the Hangover Suite! Thank you so very much, Jamie and Darrin, for allowing me to be your Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer. Here’s to many, many more years laughing and having fun together!

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Las Vegas Wedding Photographer: Bethany & Marco

I have been lucky enough to be able to document the beginning of Bethany & Marco’s life together as their Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. I met the couple through Steph Ann from Lush Event Productions for their engagement photo shoot about a year ago. On October 21, 2017, I had the honor of photographing their wedding and the reception as well as a few fun snapshots at the beautiful Sunset Park.

The Location

We did our Las Vegas Wedding Photography in three different locations. We started first at The Church: Christ The King Catholic Community, 4925 S Torrey Pines Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118 for the wedding ceremony itself. The church was so very beautiful and elegant.  After, we moved to Sunset Park: 2601 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120 for some fun pictures. Last, we made our way to Conference Center of Las Vegas, 5pm-7:45 pm: 6590 Bermuda Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 for their reception.

About the Shoot: Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

It’s always so much fun to not only photograph a couple’s engagement shoot but the wedding as well. It’s beautiful to see a relationship develop and grow over time this way. So much can change in a year, and it’s wonderful to be able to see it through from engagement to the exchange of vows. Bethany & Marco were such a great couple to be able to photograph. Both were so extremely kind and a joy to work with.

I wish nothing but the best for Bethany & Marco in their long and beautiful life together! Thank you so much for choosing me for your big day.

Are you looking for a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer? Etti Photography is an award-winning Las Vegas Photography Studio. I take great pride in documenting every little detail of each couple’s special wedding day. It’s not only important to me to take great photos of the couple themselves, but also the flowers and decorations. These other pieces are a part of what makes the day so special. As the years go on, it’s important to have these other photos so that all things are photographed, to preserve the memories.

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Mary’s 40th Las Vegas Birthday Photography

I was contacted by Brandalyn McNeil from Oh My Posh Weddings & Events. Her client Mary Hawn had reached out to plan her 40th birthday party. Some women aren’t as thrilled about celebrating the big 4-0, but Mary was ready to start her new decade off right. They decided it would be fun to do a Halloween dress up party. This seemed as though it would be a blast for Las Vegas Birthday Photography, and it was!

The Location

The party was held at The Terrace, located at 1361 West Warm Springs Road in Henderson, Nevada. The place was decorated very well, with headstones, cobwebs, and other spooky decorations with a splash of 40th birthday decorations throughout. The tables were simple but very festive. The chairs had black covers with festive bows and a cobweb covered lantern as the centerpiece. There was a photo booth and great music to keep the party going.

The Shoot: Las Vegas Birthday Photography

There were ghouls and goblins of every shape and size at Mary’s party. I had such a great time taking photos of the decorations, the cake and each fun and unique costume worn by friends and family. There were witches, kitty cats, a unicorn, even the big bad wolf.  I don’t think I have ever seen such a fun way to celebrate a 40th birthday. As a matter of fact, even the DJ was in the spirit of Halloween in his Anonymous costume.

Mary showed everyone what great fun it could be to celebrate a 40th birthday. When it comes to Las Vegas Birthday Photography, you never quite know what you may get. Some birthdays are beautiful, some are simple, and some feature the birthday girl as a sword wielding murderer! Generally speaking, Las Vegas is definitely a place that can keep a photographer on her toes, that’s for sure.

I would like to thank Brandalyn McNeil for pulling me in on this party as well as Mary Hawn for having such a great birthday. She is obviously surrounded by some really great friends and family since everyone who came are what really made the party so much fun. Happy Birthday, Mary!

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