Month: April 2018

Family Photos in Las Vegas – Ramirez Family

Roughly 3 years ago I did a shoot with the Ramirez family. They had just had their first child and had called me to take their family photos in Las Vegas. I loved doing them, as there is nothing better than capturing a couple that is starting their family. Fast forward to November 29, 2017. Once again I was photographing this great family, only now that baby isn’t a baby anymore! She’s an adorable toddler with lots of personality and cute curly hair.

The Location

For the shoot, we decided on The Smith Center located at 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts is a beautiful place located near downtown. There is art on display as well as the great shows that take place there on a regular basis. The area is so extremely colorful and beautiful that it’s hard to choose where to even begin taking photos. The large open area is so green and lush with lots of palm trees and beautiful architecture. The long sidewalks and neutral tones make an amazing backdrop for family photos in Las Vegas.

The Shoot: Family Photos in Las Vegas

The Ramirez family is so extremely cute together. They were all dressed casually, as though I were taking photos of them out for a walk or family picnic. We had lots of fun letting their daughter show her personality and that bright, sunny smile of hers. She has grown to be such a sweet and smart little girl. We did a few silly photos as well as some more traditional family photos. It’s always important to me that we also get a few pictures of just the couple since their love is what created the family in the first place. I have to say my favorite photo is where their daughter is covering her eyes while her parents sneak a kiss behind her. It almost looks like she was thinking about peeking through those little fingers of hers.

Family photos in Las Vegas are always so enjoyable. The families here are always so great to work with. Watching families grow and documenting their years together makes this work so very rewarding. I look forward to working with the Ramirez family in the future and am so grateful that they allowed me to take their family photos once again. I wish them nothing but the best.

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