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70th Birthday Photo Session at The Palazzo Las Vegas

Wilma reached out to me because they were going to be celebrating her mother’s 70th Birthday and was looking to book a birthday photo session for her. With friends and family coming from all over the country to come celebrate with them, it was ideal to have great photos to document this momentous occasion. Especially since she hadn’t seen some of them in 15 years! It sounded like a great event and something I really wanted to help them remember. You just never know when something like this will be able to happen again for them. Nothing beats a big family gathering for a milestone birthday such as this one!

The Location

The birthday party was held at The Palazzo, located at 3325 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. The Palazzo is a beautiful Hotel and Casino located on the Strip which is currently the tallest finished building in Nevada. There are lots of beautiful locations around the property that are ideal for photos for any occasion. Everything from the neutral colors to the interesting details really makes this a stand out location in which to do some really great photo sessions. We had great weather that day that allowed everyone to be comfortable in their formal wear and provided me with excellent lighting to capture everyone in the best way.

The Shoot: 70th Birthday Photo Session

Wilma’s mother was stunning in a full length off the shoulder deep blue green gown accented with sequins. She definitely didn’t look like your average 70 year old. Her daughters were in dresses that were a matching shade. Taking pictures of her with her siblings, daughters and husband was not only fun but incredibly moving. To see all these people coming together for her in such a way showed how much love this family obviously had for her. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. What better way to celebrate than with a 70th birthday photo session in Las Vegas?

The laughter and smiles continued, and possibly even a few happy tears. When a family hasn’t been reunited like this in 15 years, it’s hard to not get a bit emotional. Reunions are so very special and should be remembered, which was why I was so truly happy to be a part of their day. Who knows if something like this will be able to happen for this family again? I certainly hope they don’t let another 15 years go by before they come together again. They all seemed genuinely happy to be together and it would be a shame to not do so more often. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your 70th birthday photo session.

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Mary’s 40th Las Vegas Birthday Photography

I was contacted by Brandalyn McNeil from Oh My Posh Weddings & Events. Her client Mary Hawn had reached out to plan her 40th birthday party. Some women aren’t as thrilled about celebrating the big 4-0, but Mary was ready to start her new decade off right. They decided it would be fun to do a Halloween dress up party. This seemed as though it would be a blast for Las Vegas Birthday Photography, and it was!

The Location

The party was held at The Terrace, located at 1361 West Warm Springs Road in Henderson, Nevada. The place was decorated very well, with headstones, cobwebs, and other spooky decorations with a splash of 40th birthday decorations throughout. The tables were simple but very festive. The chairs had black covers with festive bows and a cobweb covered lantern as the centerpiece. There was a photo booth and great music to keep the party going.

The Shoot: Las Vegas Birthday Photography

There were ghouls and goblins of every shape and size at Mary’s party. I had such a great time taking photos of the decorations, the cake and each fun and unique costume worn by friends and family. There were witches, kitty cats, a unicorn, even the big bad wolf.  I don’t think I have ever seen such a fun way to celebrate a 40th birthday. As a matter of fact, even the DJ was in the spirit of Halloween in his Anonymous costume.

Mary showed everyone what great fun it could be to celebrate a 40th birthday. When it comes to Las Vegas Birthday Photography, you never quite know what you may get. Some birthdays are beautiful, some are simple, and some feature the birthday girl as a sword wielding murderer! Generally speaking, Las Vegas is definitely a place that can keep a photographer on her toes, that’s for sure.

I would like to thank Brandalyn McNeil for pulling me in on this party as well as Mary Hawn for having such a great birthday. She is obviously surrounded by some really great friends and family since everyone who came are what really made the party so much fun. Happy Birthday, Mary!

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Andrew Wesley Birthday – Las Vegas Birthday Photographer

Las Vegas Birthday Photographer

On February 9th, 2017, I had the honor of being a Las Vegas Birthday Photographer for Andrew Wesley. He had his 70th birthday party at the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. All of Andrew’s family and friends came to his party from different places in the United States. Since it was such a huge gathering, the event was very emotional. There were a few dozen people at the birthday party. Every single person came with their beautiful smiles and plenty of love and birthday wishes for Andrew.

Memory Making at the Birthday Party

The night was full of laughter, love, good food and drinks, and memory making. My favorite part was when Andrew told everyone that when he will be very old and can barely move, the only thing he wants to remember is dancing with his beautiful wife. Being a Birthday Photographer in Las Vegas is so rewarding because of experiences like this. Andrew will not only have memories of himself dancing with his beloved wife but he now also has meaningful photos of him doing exactly that. Even just from looking at the photos you can see that the bond between Andrew and his wife is so strong.

This birthday party was really important for Andrew and all his family and friends that attended. The older you get, the more you realize just how truly important your family and friends are. When everyone is scattered in different areas all over the country, it’s so nice to have just one day where everyone comes together and is reunited. Overall, it was so amazing being a Las Vegas Birthday Photographer for Andrew. I really enjoyed photographing him and his wonderful friends and his family. I hope Andrew remembers this party for many years to come!

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