Month: January 2018

Las Vegas Couples Photo Session: Ashley & Ryan Hogan

Not many couples choose to have their engagement photos done after they are already married, but that is exactly what Ashley and Ryan chose to do. We met on November 5, 2017, in order to do their Las Vegas Couples Photo Session. They brought along their adorable little dog Eddy to join in on the fun. While it may seem as though they were doing things a bit backward, in reality, it seemed to be the perfect order for this couple. Why not begin to document their lives together after they have married one another? While engagement and wedding photos are wonderful, sometimes a couple just needs to celebrate being together.

The Location

The couple decided that the Doctor Harry B. Johnson Rose Garden located at 5330 Somerset Hills Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89141 would be a great location. They were right, as the entire area is so incredibly beautiful. Everywhere you look there is another section that would be great for a photo. There are archways, paths, gazebos and so much more at this garden. Roses of every color, shape and size adorn the pathways giving a beautiful backdrop.

About the Shoot: Las Vegas Couples Photo Session

I think there is something incredibly fun about bringing your family pet to your couples photo session. Dogs seem to always lighten the mood and do something so incredibly funny during a shoot. They are often, unexpectedly, the center of attention. Ashley and Ryan’s pooch, Eddy, was undeniably cute with his little snub nose and pointy ears. He is definitely well loved by the couple and it’s easy to see why.

Ashley and Ryan are the sweetest and make a really great couple. I really enjoy these types of laid back and relaxed photo shoots. They really allow the personality and dynamic of a couple to shine through. Their love is obviously stronger than ever, and I am so very happy for them. These two seem to be a couple that can weather the storm and go through just about anything, as long as they have each other. Wishing you both a very bright and happy future Ashley, Ryan and Eddy!

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Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer | Gerardo & Veronica Wedding

Weddings are such a time for celebration. Two people coming together in order to pledge their love to one another. There is always something so beautiful about a wedding, no matter how big or mall it is. I was approached by Wedding Officiant Dawn Angela Mickens from Timeless Connection about being Gerardo and Veronica’s Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer. They set the date for October 14, 2017. While many places across the country might find that October is a bit cool for an outdoor wedding, Las Vegas’ climate provides the perfect temperature for this sort of thing.

The Location

The wedding took place at the Garden Gazebo at the Flamingo Las Vegas’ Garden Chapel. There are many beautiful locations there but the Garden Gazebo is idyllic. Surrounded by palm trees, it felt as though the wedding was somewhere far from the Las Vegas Strip in a tropical location. It most definitely didn’t seem as though we were in the heart of a bustling city. The flowers framing the gazebo gave a beautiful backdrop for the couple.

About the Shoot: Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer

The wedding itself was incredibly romantic. Family and friends were gathered in this secluded corner of the garden to share in this beautiful occasion. Gerardo and Veronica were both positively beaming with their love for one another. It’s hard not to feel the love and joy that was in the air. The bride was beautiful in her slim fitting wedding gown. It was incredibly fun to photograph Veronica getting ready with her bridesmaids. They were all smiles and excitement. The chosen flowers were lovely red roses, which helped add to the romantic atmosphere.

Annvi Fuller from Bridal Beauty Team did a wonderful job on the bride’s makeup. While the bride is so very beautiful on her own, Annvi was able to accentuate her natural beauty in a way that seemed timeless. I am so very thankful that Dawn contacted me to do this photo shoot. I wouldn’t want to miss being able to be the Flamingo Hotel Wedding Photographer for Gerardo and Veronica’s beautiful ceremony. It was an absolute pleasure.

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