Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer: Jamie & Darrin’s Wedding

Some couples have their own unique style and flair when it comes to getting married. Many choose to go the traditional route and get married at a chapel, church or beautiful outdoor location. Jamie and Darrin decided to celebrate the fact that they met in Las Vegas by getting married in the popular Hangover Suite in Caesars Palace! Not many couples choose to get married in a suite, but I think this was the perfect idea for these two. Jamie and Darrin are both a wild and crazy couple that obviously love to have fun and enjoy life. I have to admit, as a Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer, I never thought I would photograph a bride and groom with a stuffed tiger.

The Location

The Hangover Suite at Caesars Palace located at 3570 South Las Vega Blvd, Las Vegas Nevada 89109 was a very unique choice for a wedding. The suite was made famous by the blockbuster“Hangover” movie. It featured a tiger hanging out in the suite when the guys awoke the next morning. They were unaware of what happened the night before. The suite has a magnificent view of the Las Vegas Strip and is very large and luxurious.

About the Shoot: Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer

Jamie and Darrin originally met in Las Vegas. They were really excited to be able to have their very special wedding at the same place. Darrin has two great kids from a previous relationship, but Jamie seems as though she fits right into her premade family quite well. It’s easy to see from the photos that this couple wasn’t too worried about being traditional with this wedding. They were all about having fun and enjoying their very special day together.

Having everything located right in the suite made photos a breeze. In addition, the entire ceremony was a delight to be able to photograph. I don’t think many wedding photographers can claim they have shot a wedding in the Hangover Suite! Thank you so very much, Jamie and Darrin, for allowing me to be your Caesars Palace Wedding Photographer. Here’s to many, many more years laughing and having fun together!

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