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Las Vegas Engagement Photography Session With Becky & Sean

Becky and Sean are a beautiful couple that recently got engaged. They hired me to create their Las Vegas Engagement Photography session for the day. I shot their engagement photos at Red Rock Canyon and Calico Basin on February 4th, 2017. The engagement session was great, with such a beautiful background and amazing lighting.

About the Couple

Sean and Becky first met at a bowling event that was planned by their church group. A while after that bowling event, Becky mentioned to the group they were in that she quickly needed to learn how to drive a stick-shift vehicle for her job. It was very hard for Becky to find a vehicle to practice her driving on. That very next week, Sean showed up and placed his car keys in her hand! He had literally just bought a stick-sift car that same week. That is where their friendship began.

They stayed friends for a while, and finally started dating in September. This happened when a certain motorcycle trip to Nelson’s Landing was planned. 4 months later, the couple flew to Missouri and South Carolina to meet each others families. While in South Carolina, where Becky’s family was, Sean asked for her father’s permission to marry her. He said yes!

On Becky’s birthday (December 31st), they ended up at a ring store. Becky pointed out the ring that she liked, but Sean insisted that they just wait until they got back to Vegas. Later that night, they had a lovely New Year’s Eve/Birthday dinner spent with Becky’s family. Just as they were preparing to celebrate the New Year right before midnight, Sean pulled out the ring that Becky pointed out at the store! It was the perfect moment. They then prayed together for God’s blessing on their relationship in the New Year, and then Sean proposed.

Becky & Sean: Las Vegas Engagement Photography Session – The Photos

I was so honored that Becky and Sean chose me for their Las Vegas Engagement Photography session. The engagement pictures couldn’t have turned out any more perfect than they did!

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Bar Mitzvah Photographer: Ethan Wyatt’s Bar Mitzvah

On January 21st, 2017, I was hired as Ethan Wyatt’s Bar Mitzvah Photographer. The Bar Mitzvah took place at the Temple Sinai of Las Vegas. The location was absolutely beautiful, with a lot of neutral and natural lighting. The Bar Mitzvah had over 70 people attend. Ethan read from the Torah in front of all 70 people without any stage fright at all! Ethan is a competitive gymnast, so he’s very confident while performing in front of large groups of people.

About the Bar Mitzvah

During the Bar Mitzvah they took the Torah, and walked with it in a circle in the temple. Everyone was kissing it. After Ethan finished reading from the Torah, everyone threw candy on him. The reason that candy is thrown is to symbolize the beginning of a sweet life. There are many Bar Mitzvah Photographers in Las Vegas and I was honored to be chosen as their Bar Mitzvah Photographer.

Ethan and his family were very excited about the event and about their family photo session. In the beginning they were a little nervous, but after a minute they got used to the camera, warmed up, and had a lot of fun. In the synagogue there was a wall that looks like it was straight out of Jerusalem. The photos turned out beautiful, I was very lucky to shoot this Bar Mitzvah!

It was very important for me to take a photo with all of the grand kids and their grandmother. I’m sure any Las Vegas Bar Mitzvah Photographer would do that as well. A delicious birthday cake served for Ethan, since it was his actual birthday. They didn’t have any candles with them, so instead they just sang Happy Birthday in both English and Hebrew. Right after that, the waiter come with tons of candies and put them on the empty table. Within a few seconds, all of the kids ran to the table and started filling their pockets with the candies. Also, a delicious buffet with many types of different salads, lots of bread, cut up fruit, and some good wine. It was an amazing Bar Mitzvah.

Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas: Kaila & Ethan

Kaila and Ethan recently had an amazing wedding ceremony at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, NV. Their wedding took place on Saturday, January 14th, 2017. They hired me as their Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas to take photos on their important day.

Kaila and Ethan Pre-Wedding Story

The young couple have been together since December 2013. Their first date was when Ethan took Kaila to lunch at a local bagel shop. On June 4th, 2016, they got engaged. Even though they both went to Northern Michigan University, they didn’t meet there, and they never knew each other during school. Kaila met Ethan when he was a Greco-Roman wrestler training for the Olympics. Kaila graduated with a Biology degree, and a passion for all animals- specifically parrots. She got a job offer as a parrot caregiver at Best Friends Animal Society, which was in Utah. Ethan would do anything to be with her, and he proved that by giving up his job as a corrections officer, leaving his family and friends, and moving across the country to be with Kaila. Before the wedding, they hired me as their perfect Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. My mission was to capture their love they have for each other. Ethan said that wherever Kaila is, that’s where his home is, and it doesn’t matter where they live.

More About Kaila And Ethan

This beautiful couple loves to travel together, and try new things. They especially love trying different ethnic foods together. Ethan is obsessed with the Green Bay Packers, while Kaila could care less about sports. Ethan proposed to Kaila on top of the Bunting Trail in Kanab, which overlooks the town. As they were standing there taking in the scenery, Ethan told Kaila that she will never get lost with him (the back story behind that is that one time when Kaila went hiking by herself, she got lost in the cliffs), and Ethan asked her to marry him. Of course, Kaila said yes!

Soon after that, they started planning the wedding, booked me to be their Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas, and got married in the new year. I wish them happy life together!

USO Las Vegas – Operation That’s My Dress

From time to time I love to donate my time and talent (depending on my availability).
When I got an email from Kate Slawski from the USO Las Vegas (USO stand for United Service Organizations), I immediately knew I’m going to be their photographer at their event “Operation That’s My Dress”.

The USO committed to lifting the spirits of America’s troops and their families, I was honored to contribute to this cause. The event took place at the Bally’s Hotel And Casino, on August 29-30, 2015 and is one of USO’s premiere military family appreciation programs honoring women for their service and sacrifice.

Female service members, military spouses, and teenaged daughters experience unique challenges related to military life. The program, in partnership with Sherri Hill, Ralph Lauren and Ann Taylor, is an opportunity to thank female military service members and military families for their sacrifice by offering them free designer dresses!

It includes a private “Fashion Show” with Miss Teen USA and Miss USA contestants from both pageants, as well as professional models, plus special Guest show – Mat Franco; The winner of the 9th season of America’s Got Talent.

I was so happy to volunteer for USO Las Vegas and to capture this amazing event, I meet so many people and saved their special days in my pictures.
I was excited to upload the pictures because I knew that people will want to see them right away!

This was just one of those days I felt honored to be a photographer, it was very important for me to support our military community.

Wil “The Taco Guy”

Chef Wil Guevara of "Vegas Taco Bar".

Chef Wil Guevara of “Vegas Taco Bar”.

I would like to introduce you to Chef Wil Guevara of “Vegas Taco Bar”, an authentic Mexican taco catering service.

I met him at a birthday party where I was taking pictures, the food was simple, delicious and authentic! I could really tell he has a passion and love for what he does.

I was interested to know how he started the company and he told me that he has a daughter, and when she had her first birthday party three years ago,  Wil searched for a catering company with great authentic Mexican food but after a long search he decided to do it himself.

His family was the first to try his food and they really liked it. He’s gotten plenty of feedback throughout the years which Wil used to get where he is at today.

For delicious authentic Taco Catering contact Wil for your next event:

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