Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah Party Photographer – Hafter Family

On March 19th, 2017, I had the pleasure of being a Bar Mitzvah Party Photographer for the Hafter family. The celebration took place at the Waffle Bar in Tivoli Village, Las Vegas. This was actually my third time working with this incredible family.

About the Bar Mitzvah

Since I was photographing the Hafter family in the past, they knew I was already familiar with them so it made their choice to select me as Judah’s Bar Mitzvah Party Photographer easier. This time, I had the opportunity to photograph Judah’s Bar Mitzvah Party. This was such a fun day, everyone was smiling and having a good time. People enjoyed pizza and other delicious foods. There was even a live band playing that Judah and his family love. The band is called Sofar Sounds, and they were amazing. Sofar Sounds really took the atmosphere of the celebration to another level.

Importance of Having a Bar Mitzvah Party Photographer

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs aren’t just a one-time thing. They are a special celebration that everyone in the family loves to relive in the future. These Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah parties are the perfect balance of honoring tradition and embracing celebration. When people look at photos taken from their Mitzvah 10, or 20 years down the road, they will be able to relive the celebration. They will remember all of the laughing, the memories, and the love from all of their friends and family who were there. They will be able to see what they looked like at that age, and what their family and friends looked like as well.

Bar Mitzvah Photography in Las Vegas is popular for a reason, and that reason is because people want to look back on their special day, or their child’s special day, and remember it. The celebration can pass by so quickly, and before you know it, it’s over! Therefore, photography is so important. It ensures that no matter how quickly the day went by, you will always have a source of permanent memories.

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Bar Mitzvah Photographer: Ethan Wyatt’s Bar Mitzvah

On January 21st, 2017, I was hired as Ethan Wyatt’s Bar Mitzvah Photographer. The Bar Mitzvah took place at the Temple Sinai of Las Vegas. The location was absolutely beautiful, with a lot of neutral and natural lighting. The Bar Mitzvah had over 70 people attend. Ethan read from the Torah in front of all 70 people without any stage fright at all! Ethan is a competitive gymnast, so he’s very confident while performing in front of large groups of people.

About the Bar Mitzvah

During the Bar Mitzvah they took the Torah, and walked with it in a circle in the temple. Everyone was kissing it. After Ethan finished reading from the Torah, everyone threw candy on him. The reason that candy is thrown is to symbolize the beginning of a sweet life. There are many Bar Mitzvah Photographers in Las Vegas and I was honored to be chosen as their Bar Mitzvah Photographer.

Ethan and his family were very excited about the event and about their family photo session. In the beginning they were a little nervous, but after a minute they got used to the camera, warmed up, and had a lot of fun. In the synagogue there was a wall that looks like it was straight out of Jerusalem. The photos turned out beautiful, I was very lucky to shoot this Bar Mitzvah!

It was very important for me to take a photo with all of the grand kids and their grandmother. I’m sure any Las Vegas Bar Mitzvah Photographer would do that as well. A delicious birthday cake served for Ethan, since it was his actual birthday. They didn’t have any candles with them, so instead they just sang Happy Birthday in both English and Hebrew. Right after that, the waiter come with tons of candies and put them on the empty table. Within a few seconds, all of the kids ran to the table and started filling their pockets with the candies. Also, a delicious buffet with many types of different salads, lots of bread, cut up fruit, and some good wine. It was an amazing Bar Mitzvah.