Wil “The Taco Guy”

Chef Wil Guevara of "Vegas Taco Bar".

Chef Wil Guevara of “Vegas Taco Bar”.

I would like to introduce you to Chef Wil Guevara of “Vegas Taco Bar”, an authentic Mexican taco catering service.

I met him at a birthday party where I was taking pictures, the food was simple, delicious and authentic! I could really tell he has a passion and love for what he does.

I was interested to know how he started the company and he told me that he has a daughter, and when she had her first birthday party three years ago,  Wil searched for a catering company with great authentic Mexican food but after a long search he decided to do it himself.

His family was the first to try his food and they really liked it. He’s gotten plenty of feedback throughout the years which Wil used to get where he is at today.

For delicious authentic Taco Catering contact Wil for your next event: