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Maternity Photography in Las Vegas: Omar & Ashley

I have worked with Omar & Ashley on two other occasions. I was ecstatic when I heard they were having a little boy! We decided to do the maternity photography in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 to document their pregnancy and get the best belly shots. It was an added bonus to be able to document their love for each other, as well.

The Location

We settled on doing their maternity photography in Las Vegas at their lovely home in Summerlin, a neighborhood in Las Vegas. Their home featured some really great lighting and stunning design making it the ideal place to document the beginning of their family. The neutral colors and soft textures really made the perfect backdrop. Their whole home was so very comfortable and inviting.

About the Shoot: Maternity Photography in Las Vegas

Omar & Ashley are such a sweet couple and I really wanted to capture that. Their maternity photography in Las Vegas needed to reflect that gentle anticipation of a first child as well as the growing bond of the couple. Documenting a pregnancy is a very special honor. I wanted to ensure they had photographs that they would be proud to share with friends and family now as well as with their child after he is grown.

Our photo shoot was so much fun, yet you could also feel the love in the air. Having them in their natural environment really allowed me to capture what could be any moment of any given day with Omar & Ashley. You can see in their photos how excited and incredibly happy they are to become parents. It’s in Omar’s gentle touch and the soft smiles on Ashley’s face. The bond between them is almost tangible. These moments can pass so quickly and I was genuinely happy to capture this moment in time.

Maternity photo shoots aren’t something that everyone gets but they are becoming increasingly popular. I would really like to thank Omar & Ashley for allowing me to do their maternity photography in Las Vegas. It’s always fun to photograph a couple in such a beautiful home on during a pivotal point in their lives. They are always such a delight to work with!

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Las Vegas Maternity Photography – Casey and Jose

Las Vegas Maternity Photography

Maternity is such an amazing thing. Therefore, having the opportunity to do some Las Vegas Maternity Photography is always incredible. Especially when it was with the wonderful couple Casey and Jose. They met in such a unique way. Casey went to Costa Rica to study abroad in 2008, and Jose was standing outside the airport with her name on a sign. Thus, he was the very first person that Casey met in Costa Rica. They got along so well together. Therefore, within a few weeks, they were dating. After living in Costa Rica for two years, Jose decided to come to Las Vegas. The couple got married in 2011, and have been enjoying their marriage ever since.

The Pregnancy

One thing on Casey’s “things to do before having a baby” list was to travel to Europe. Last year, they made this dream come true! So, Casey and Jose traveled to England, Spain, and Italy. Then, another dream of theirs came true. In March, Casey discovered she was expecting by simply taking pregnancy test she bought at the dollar store. Instead of showing Jose the results of the pregnancy test, Casey had another plan of how to tell Jose.

The Las Vegas Maternity Photography Shoot

Casey was so creative with the process. Therefore, she decided that she wanted Jose to find out they were expecting through a maternity photography shoot! She contacted me and explained her plan, and two days before the shoot she gave me two chalkboards. Then, on March 19th, 2017, at Exploration Peak Park, we had the photo shoot. In order to keep it a surprise, Casey told Jose that she won a photo session on the radio.

After taking a few shots, I mentioned that I brought a few props (the chalkboards that Casey had given me). So, I asked if the couple wanted to use them. They eagerly said yes. Then, I asked them each to write down 3 things that they loved about each other. In order to follow the plan, Jose went first. He wrote “smile, kind, selfless.” Casey went next, and she wrote “Va a ser papá,” which is Spanish for “you’re going to be a dad!” Jose was so shocked and happy! The couple is looking forward to this new adventure and I am so grateful that Casey reached out to me to be her Las Vegas Maternity Photographer.

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