Calico Basin Engagement Photography

Las Vegas Engagement Photography Session With Becky & Sean

Becky and Sean are a beautiful couple that recently got engaged. They hired me to create their Las Vegas Engagement Photography session for the day. I shot their engagement photos at Red Rock Canyon and Calico Basin on February 4th, 2017. The engagement session was great, with such a beautiful background and amazing lighting.

About the Couple

Sean and Becky first met at a bowling event that was planned by their church group. A while after that bowling event, Becky mentioned to the group they were in that she quickly needed to learn how to drive a stick-shift vehicle for her job. It was very hard for Becky to find a vehicle to practice her driving on. That very next week, Sean showed up and placed his car keys in her hand! He had literally just bought a stick-sift car that same week. That is where their friendship began.

They stayed friends for a while, and finally started dating in September. This happened when a certain motorcycle trip to Nelson’s Landing was planned. 4 months later, the couple flew to Missouri and South Carolina to meet each others families. While in South Carolina, where Becky’s family was, Sean asked for her father’s permission to marry her. He said yes!

On Becky’s birthday (December 31st), they ended up at a ring store. Becky pointed out the ring that she liked, but Sean insisted that they just wait until they got back to Vegas. Later that night, they had a lovely New Year’s Eve/Birthday dinner spent with Becky’s family. Just as they were preparing to celebrate the New Year right before midnight, Sean pulled out the ring that Becky pointed out at the store! It was the perfect moment. They then prayed together for God’s blessing on their relationship in the New Year, and then Sean proposed.

Becky & Sean: Las Vegas Engagement Photography Session – The Photos

I was so honored that Becky and Sean chose me for their Las Vegas Engagement Photography session. The engagement pictures couldn’t have turned out any more perfect than they did!

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