Tasha & Michael Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas

From the very first email I received from the bride, Tasha, about doing her wedding, I knew that I was the right photographer for her and Michael. We walked through everything she was looking for on her special day and, through it all, she was truly nice to speak with. We spoke about which wedding photos she wanted and about the location itself. With this in mind, I was really looking forward to doing their Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas.

The Location

The wedding took place at the bride’s sister’s home in scenic North Las Vegas. The ceremony took place outdoors.Some very tall and stately trees created a great backdrop for the photos of the couple saying their vows at the altar. The arch wrapped in floral garland and white fabric was lovely. Having the wedding at this location seemed to be an excellent choice, as a result everyone was incredibly relaxed and having a lot of fun.

About the Shoot: Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas

Family and friends and even a few pets were in attendance and memories were made that day. The bridesmaids were loving the ability to share on this special day with Tasha and Michael. The colorful bouquets were a blast of color against all the gorgeous whites and purples of the wedding party. Smiles were abundant that day and we all had fun capturing the ring reactions photo.

Prior to the wedding day, Tasha and I spoke over the phone to go over the timeline for the wedding. She told me she felt as though she already knew me, which was very nice to hear. I always want my clients to be comfortable, especially for something as momentous as a wedding day. I make it my goal to truly capture their vision for this very special day in their lives. These memories will be shared, hopefully for generations and I am always honored to be chosen to do this for couples. Thank you, Tasha and Michael, for allowing me to be present at such a beautiful wedding. I couldn’t have chosen a better location or couple for my Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas.

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Wedding Photography in Las Vegas – Eddy & Yesenia

Wedding Photography in Las Vegas – Eddy and Yesenia

Wedding Photography in Las Vegas is always so fun to shoot, especially with a couple as sweet as Eddy and Yesenia. Their wedding took place on March 18th, 2017. I was lucky enough to photograph two events for them. We did the bridal party pictures at the Smith Center, and the wedding reception took place at the Conference Center of Las Vegas. The decorations at the wedding were beautiful. The event planner was Lush Event Productions,  and they couldn’t have done a better job. All of the floral decorations were done by Mylofleur Floral. The cake was delicious, it was a gourmet wedding cake baked by Las Vegas Custom Cakes.

About The Couple

Eddy and Yesenia first met in their dance studio. Yesenia had been attending the studio for three years when Eddy came in. After they went on their first date together, they knew they had something special. The sweet couple has been together since May 22nd, 2016. The proposal was very romantic. It was close to New Years, and Eddy said he wanted to have a family activity with everyone skating at the Cosmopolitan Casino. Yesenia thought nothing of it.

They skated a bit while waiting for everyone to arrive (even though Yesenia wasn’t a great skater). Shortly after, Eddy’s brother yelled something to Yesenia. He said: “hey Yesenia, when are you getting married?” She turned and replied, “I don’t know, ask Eddy!” When Yesenia went to point to Eddy, she found him on the floor on the ice on one knee, with a ring out. Eddy proposed to Yesenia right then and there, and of course, she said yes. As they hugged, Eddy turned Yesenia around so she could face all her friends and family who had been hiding until that moment. It was such a romantic and fun proposal for Eddy and Yesenia.

Overall, everyone I met at the wedding was extremely nice. I had so much fun working with this couple. They even surprised everyone with a dance! These are the type of people that make Wedding Photography in Las Vegas so heartwarming to do.

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Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas: Kaila & Ethan

Kaila and Ethan recently had an amazing wedding ceremony at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, NV. Their wedding took place on Saturday, January 14th, 2017. They hired me as their Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas to take photos on their important day.

Kaila and Ethan Pre-Wedding Story

The young couple have been together since December 2013. Their first date was when Ethan took Kaila to lunch at a local bagel shop. On June 4th, 2016, they got engaged. Even though they both went to Northern Michigan University, they didn’t meet there, and they never knew each other during school. Kaila met Ethan when he was a Greco-Roman wrestler training for the Olympics. Kaila graduated with a Biology degree, and a passion for all animals- specifically parrots. She got a job offer as a parrot caregiver at Best Friends Animal Society, which was in Utah. Ethan would do anything to be with her, and he proved that by giving up his job as a corrections officer, leaving his family and friends, and moving across the country to be with Kaila. Before the wedding, they hired me as their perfect Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. My mission was to capture their love they have for each other. Ethan said that wherever Kaila is, that’s where his home is, and it doesn’t matter where they live.

More About Kaila And Ethan

This beautiful couple loves to travel together, and try new things. They especially love trying different ethnic foods together. Ethan is obsessed with the Green Bay Packers, while Kaila could care less about sports. Ethan proposed to Kaila on top of the Bunting Trail in Kanab, which overlooks the town. As they were standing there taking in the scenery, Ethan told Kaila that she will never get lost with him (the back story behind that is that one time when Kaila went hiking by herself, she got lost in the cliffs), and Ethan asked her to marry him. Of course, Kaila said yes!

Soon after that, they started planning the wedding, booked me to be their Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas, and got married in the new year. I wish them happy life together!