Las Vegas Wedding Photographer: Bethany & Marco

I have been lucky enough to be able to document the beginning of Bethany & Marco’s life together as their Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. I met the couple through Steph Ann from Lush Event Productions for their engagement photo shoot about a year ago. On October 21, 2017, I had the honor of photographing their wedding and the reception as well as a few fun snapshots at the beautiful Sunset Park.

The Location

We did our Las Vegas Wedding Photography in three different locations. We started first at The Church: Christ The King Catholic Community, 4925 S Torrey Pines Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118 for the wedding ceremony itself. The church was so very beautiful and elegant.  After, we moved to Sunset Park: 2601 East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV 89120 for some fun pictures. Last, we made our way to Conference Center of Las Vegas, 5pm-7:45 pm: 6590 Bermuda Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89119 for their reception.

About the Shoot: Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

It’s always so much fun to not only photograph a couple’s engagement shoot but the wedding as well. It’s beautiful to see a relationship develop and grow over time this way. So much can change in a year, and it’s wonderful to be able to see it through from engagement to the exchange of vows. Bethany & Marco were such a great couple to be able to photograph. Both were so extremely kind and a joy to work with.

I wish nothing but the best for Bethany & Marco in their long and beautiful life together! Thank you so much for choosing me for your big day.

Are you looking for a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer? Etti Photography is an award-winning Las Vegas Photography Studio. I take great pride in documenting every little detail of each couple’s special wedding day. It’s not only important to me to take great photos of the couple themselves, but also the flowers and decorations. These other pieces are a part of what makes the day so special. As the years go on, it’s important to have these other photos so that all things are photographed, to preserve the memories.

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Mary’s 40th Las Vegas Birthday Photography

I was contacted by Brandalyn McNeil from Oh My Posh Weddings & Events. Her client Mary Hawn had reached out to plan her 40th birthday party. Some women aren’t as thrilled about celebrating the big 4-0, but Mary was ready to start her new decade off right. They decided it would be fun to do a Halloween dress up party. This seemed as though it would be a blast for Las Vegas Birthday Photography, and it was!

The Location

The party was held at The Terrace, located at 1361 West Warm Springs Road in Henderson, Nevada. The place was decorated very well, with headstones, cobwebs, and other spooky decorations with a splash of 40th birthday decorations throughout. The tables were simple but very festive. The chairs had black covers with festive bows and a cobweb covered lantern as the centerpiece. There was a photo booth and great music to keep the party going.

The Shoot: Las Vegas Birthday Photography

There were ghouls and goblins of every shape and size at Mary’s party. I had such a great time taking photos of the decorations, the cake and each fun and unique costume worn by friends and family. There were witches, kitty cats, a unicorn, even the big bad wolf.  I don’t think I have ever seen such a fun way to celebrate a 40th birthday. As a matter of fact, even the DJ was in the spirit of Halloween in his Anonymous costume.

Mary showed everyone what great fun it could be to celebrate a 40th birthday. When it comes to Las Vegas Birthday Photography, you never quite know what you may get. Some birthdays are beautiful, some are simple, and some feature the birthday girl as a sword wielding murderer! Generally speaking, Las Vegas is definitely a place that can keep a photographer on her toes, that’s for sure.

I would like to thank Brandalyn McNeil for pulling me in on this party as well as Mary Hawn for having such a great birthday. She is obviously surrounded by some really great friends and family since everyone who came are what really made the party so much fun. Happy Birthday, Mary!

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Tasha & Michael Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas

From the very first email I received from the bride, Tasha, about doing her wedding, I knew that I was the right photographer for her and Michael. We walked through everything she was looking for on her special day and, through it all, she was truly nice to speak with. We spoke about which wedding photos she wanted and about the location itself. With this in mind, I was really looking forward to doing their Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas.

The Location

The wedding took place at the bride’s sister’s home in scenic North Las Vegas. The ceremony took place outdoors.Some very tall and stately trees created a great backdrop for the photos of the couple saying their vows at the altar. The arch wrapped in floral garland and white fabric was lovely. Having the wedding at this location seemed to be an excellent choice, as a result everyone was incredibly relaxed and having a lot of fun.

About the Shoot: Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas

Family and friends and even a few pets were in attendance and memories were made that day. The bridesmaids were loving the ability to share on this special day with Tasha and Michael. The colorful bouquets were a blast of color against all the gorgeous whites and purples of the wedding party. Smiles were abundant that day and we all had fun capturing the ring reactions photo.

Prior to the wedding day, Tasha and I spoke over the phone to go over the timeline for the wedding. She told me she felt as though she already knew me, which was very nice to hear. I always want my clients to be comfortable, especially for something as momentous as a wedding day. I make it my goal to truly capture their vision for this very special day in their lives. These memories will be shared, hopefully for generations and I am always honored to be chosen to do this for couples. Thank you, Tasha and Michael, for allowing me to be present at such a beautiful wedding. I couldn’t have chosen a better location or couple for my Wedding Photography in North Las Vegas.

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Xori’s Homecoming Photography in Las Vegas

Xori’s mother, Lawanda contacted me recently about doing a photoshoot for her daughter to commemorate Xori’s Homecoming dance. In many ways, Homecoming is much like prom only in the fall. While not quite as formal, students still dress in semi-formal wear for Homecoming in order to celebrate coming back to school. Students often ask a classmate to attend with them or go with a group of friends. I was delighted to be able to do her Homecoming Photography in Las Vegas.

The Location

Our Las Vegas Homecoming Photography session took place at Willows Park, located at 2775 Desert Marigold Lane. The winding sidewalks, interesting stairways, and lovely greenery made a nice and nondescript backdrop for this photography session. In a few of the photos, it seemed as though the trees were framing up the scene for me. The park was not overly busy and the couple was able to relax and have fun.

About the Shoot: Homecoming Photography in Las Vegas

I happened to make it to our location at Willow Park before Xori. When I saw her as she arrived I was stunned by her beauty. She was breathtaking in a simple black dress and a sleek hairstyle. She looked as though she should be walking the red carpet. Her date for the evening joined her shortly after and his joy at being there was apparent. His grey jacket with a black shirt and tie were the perfect complement to Xori’s outfit. Both were all smiles and very comfortable with each other. I was very glad to be able to photograph them, as they were so photogenic and easy to work with.

While Homecoming Photography in Las Vegas isn’t extremely popular yet, I think this couple is an outstanding example of how fun and beautiful these types of photos can be. Schools often offer a standard photo at the dance, but nothing quite stands up to a lovely photo session done at a location of the couples choosing. This allows for their personality to shine as their comfort level increases. Xori and her date loved their Homecoming photos and, in the end, that is what truly matters the most. Thank you, Lawanda for contacting me to do your daughter’s photos. It was my pleasure.

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Family Photographer in Las Vegas Strip: Savannah

As a family photographer in Las Vegas, the city allows me the ability to capture memories for families only in town for a short while. Savannah contacted me a month ago about doing a family photo shoot for her and her three beautiful daughters. They were having a family vacation in sunny Las Vegas and wanted to document the trip with some quirky and fun family photos. She decided on the Las Vegas Strip for their location and we met on October 9, 2017, to do the shoot.

The Location

For a family photographer in Las Vegas, the landmarks offer so many places that would make a great backdrop. It can be so very hard to choose! The Strip seemed like an excellent place for some Las Vegas family photography. In the end, we snapped a few photos outside of the Venetian Hotel and Casino as well as other fun spots we found along the way. There were some really great Halloween decorations also and we visited Sprinkles Cupcakes at The Linq Hotel and Casino.

About the Shoot: Family Photographer in Las Vegas

Savannah and her daughters were so incredibly fun to work with. They were very playful and fun-loving, making this shoot a breeze. Their smiles really show they had a great time during our photo shoot. Each lovely young lady really lets their charm shine during our time together. As a Las Vegas family photographer I had a great time being able to capture each unique personality. While they may have had matching outfits, each sister definitely had her own style and nature. Savannah looked stunning in her all-black ensemble that was a nice compliment to her personality. Very elegant and stunning.

While these may not be your typical and traditional family photos, I am sure these ladies will have fun looking at them for years to come. As a family photographer in Las Vegas, you don’t always get to do such wild and crazy portraits. I feel so incredibly honored to have been chosen to capture their time here. Savannah and her daughters were such a fun family to spend the day with. I truly hope to hear from them again in the future.

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Maternity Photography in Las Vegas: Omar & Ashley

I have worked with Omar & Ashley on two other occasions. I was ecstatic when I heard they were having a little boy! We decided to do the maternity photography in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 to document their pregnancy and get the best belly shots. It was an added bonus to be able to document their love for each other, as well.

The Location

We settled on doing their maternity photography in Las Vegas at their lovely home in Summerlin, a neighborhood in Las Vegas. Their home featured some really great lighting and stunning design making it the ideal place to document the beginning of their family. The neutral colors and soft textures really made the perfect backdrop. Their whole home was so very comfortable and inviting.

About the Shoot: Maternity Photography in Las Vegas

Omar & Ashley are such a sweet couple and I really wanted to capture that. Their maternity photography in Las Vegas needed to reflect that gentle anticipation of a first child as well as the growing bond of the couple. Documenting a pregnancy is a very special honor. I wanted to ensure they had photographs that they would be proud to share with friends and family now as well as with their child after he is grown.

Our photo shoot was so much fun, yet you could also feel the love in the air. Having them in their natural environment really allowed me to capture what could be any moment of any given day with Omar & Ashley. You can see in their photos how excited and incredibly happy they are to become parents. It’s in Omar’s gentle touch and the soft smiles on Ashley’s face. The bond between them is almost tangible. These moments can pass so quickly and I was genuinely happy to capture this moment in time.

Maternity photo shoots aren’t something that everyone gets but they are becoming increasingly popular. I would really like to thank Omar & Ashley for allowing me to do their maternity photography in Las Vegas. It’s always fun to photograph a couple in such a beautiful home on during a pivotal point in their lives. They are always such a delight to work with!

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Family Photo Session in Las Vegas: The Sigala Family

Family Photo Session in Las Vegas

This was a very fun photo session to do! Roxanna, the mother, had heard about me through her friend that I had done a photo session for in the past. She contacted me and asked for a family photo session in Las Vegas. Of course, I was delighted and we quickly set up a date. We settled on April 30th, 2017.

The Location

Roxanna and I brainstormed the best location possible for this photo shoot. It was really exciting to come up with the perfect location together. In the end, we both decided that Floyd Lamb Park would be best. This is because it is absolutely beautiful, with tons of natural scenery and backdrops. There are many trees and animals such as ducks. The photo shoot occurred on a bright and sunny day, which was perfect. You can see the sun glistening and shining through the trees in many of the photos.

About the Shoot

Roxanna and her husband have two lovely children. A young baby son, and an older daughter. Thus, we took a variety of family photos to make sure everyone was included! I loved this family photo session in Las Vegas because the Sigala family was so easygoing and fun to work with. Their kids are absolutely adorable. They all listened and cooperated wonderfully. Also, everyone wore the perfect outfit. Roxanna and her daughter wore gorgeous blouses with jeans that were amazing for this shoot, and her husband’s outfit was great too.

It was a day full of smiles and laughter. So, this Las Vegas Family Photo Session was definitely a huge success! A gorgeous location full of natural light and beauty, a warm and sunny day, and of course, a friendly and beautiful family to work with. I know the Sigala family will cherish these photos for life.

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Family Pictures in Las Vegas: Cindy & Mark Wedding Anniversary

Family Pictures in Las Vegas

On April 22nd, 2017, Cindy and Mark celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They are a beautiful and compassionate couple with two lovely daughters, Alexis and Shaina. Their beloved daughters wanted to give their parents a special gift. So, they contacted me to arrange a family photo session. It had been a long time since the last time they did one. Of course, I loved the idea of this gift and we quickly arranged the date to take some Family Pictures in Las Vegas. The location we chose was The Smith Center, on Symphony Park Avenue in Las Vegas.

About The Shoot

Alexis and Shaina couldn’t have chosen a better gift for their parent’s wedding anniversary. Everyone was super excited about it! It was a very fun photoshoot with lots of laughs. I always love when people are comfortable and laugh during photo shoots because it makes for some outstanding photos. The family was very easy to work with. This was a unique photo shoot to do. This is because the daughters brought their partners! Therefore, it wasn’t just Cindy and Mark who got photos – Alexis and Shaina got photos with their significant others as well.

I took a variety of photos, some just of Cindy and her daughters, some of Cindy and Mark alone, and of course some with the entire family (both with and without the daughter’s partners). It was really so much fun. In the end, everyone loved the photos! I have a great feeling that I will be working with this family again soon and taking more Family Pictures in Las Vegas for them.

The Las Vegas Family Pictures I take always turn out great. I owe this entirely to the cooperative and fun families that I work with! Without their enthusiasm and excitement, the photos just wouldn’t be the same. Everyone at this shoot was very excited and happy to be there. This definitely shines through in the photos.

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Family Photography in Las Vegas: Pena Family

Family Photography in Las Vegas: The Pena Family

It’s always nice to work with repeat clients. This was a fun photo shoot to do because I had already worked with Karen in the past. Moreover, I knew that Karen Pena has a beautiful family, and she contacted me after I did her sister family session. For this Family photo shoot, she wanted to have a natural location. Therefore, Karen wanted her session to be at the Spring Preserve. As a matter of fact, Karen couldn’t have chosen a better location. I’ve done a lot of Family Photography in Las Vegas, therefore, I know that shooting there is always beautiful.

This is because the location is gorgeous, full of lush greenery and natural light. There were a variety of different areas to take photos in, a lovely pathway, and also many benches. There were also many backgrounds to choose from such as trees or rocks. Overall, it was a beautiful location. We scheduled the family photo shoot for April 23rd, 2017.

Candid Family Photography in Las Vegas

I loved working with Karen and her family because they are so friendly and kind. It was very important for Karen to have this photo shoot be as natural as possible. Therefore, this meant that she wanted me to capture her family in a candid way, which was easy to do. Hence, the photos really show how they are in their everyday life. Having fun, laughing, and enjoying their time together – of course, this is exactly how it should be! Furthermore, these types of photo shoots are always fun to do. Karen and her family were so cooperative, and their son is absolutely adorable. Moreover, I am sure that they will look back on these photos in a few years and treasure these moments. Kids can grow up so quickly.

Family photography is so important and will be treasured for life. It’s always nice to have a set of beautiful photos for the entire family to look back on, whether it be in 2, 5, 10, or 30 years. So, thanks to the Pena Family for a wonderful photo shoot!

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Bobby’s Senior Pictures in Las Vegas

Bobby’s Senior Pictures in Las Vegas

Senior year is such an important time for students. It’s a vital year that can determine their future, in terms of what schools and programs they get into. For many students, after their senior year, they leave their hometowns and travel to various states to pursue their desired career paths. For this photo shoot, I had the pleasure of taking Senior Pictures in Las Vegas for Bobby. We scheduled the shoot for April 22nd, 2017, at two different locations. Firstly, we took photos at his high school, Ed W. Clark High School. After that, we went to Fremont Street Las Vegas, NV. This street features some incredible street art that makes great photo backgrounds.

About Bobby

Bobby is a senior in the Mathematics, Science, Arts and Technology program at Clark High School in Las Vegas. During his years at Clark, he was a very active student. He participated in varsity football, baseball, and track. In addition to all that, Bobby was also a part of DECA, Key Club, and Student Council! Bobby also served as Junior Class Student Council Treasurer. He has accomplished so much and it’s amazing to see a student so involved.

For the Senior Pictures in Las Vegas, Bobby wore the perfect outfits. For some of the photos, he had a sports sweater on and held a football as a prop which symbolized his involvement with sports at Clark. Next year Bobby will be studying mechanical engineering at the University of Southern California! Bobby had a sweater from USC which he also wore for some of the photos. Overall, all of the senior photos of Bobby turned out great. Hopefully, he can look back at these photos in a few years and be reminded of his years at Clark. Senior photos are a great way to preserve high school memories. In the future, they’re also great to look back at how much you have grown over the years.

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